The Legend of The Sword

Welcome to the home of The Legend of The Sword.

If you’re looking for updates and information, please head over to The Legend Of The Sword’s Facebook page, as it is easier for me to update there than here.

Eventually you will be able to find concept and inspirational pictures here and perhaps a few excerpts from the books as well.

When her Grandfather Arlon dies, young Katula Karliema learns that she comes from a very noble and important lineage. Her ancestor Melindar once fought a great enemy called Mandrith. When he defeated him Melindar’s sword was shattered. Now, Mandrith again threatens the world and only by gathering the pieces and reforging her ancestor’s sword can Katula hope to defeat Mandrith once and for all. Led by her wise and mystical Uncle, joined by a band of varied companions, and guarded by the noble but stern Darnothians, she sets out to reforge the great sword.

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